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7/6/18: 1&2 Thessalonians added to Publications

7/5/18:  "Reflections on 2 Corinthians" released

4/12/18: Added Ruth to "Relctions" series on Publications page

4/5/18: Added "Reflections on Mark" in Publications

4/3/18: Reflections on 1 Corinthians posted

3/21/18: Posted "Reflections on Philemon in "Publications"

2/23/18: Posted "Reflections on Acts" on Publications page.

1/18/18: Added "Reflections on Colossians" on Publications page

12/4/17: Added "Reflections on Matthew" to the "Publications" page.

5/14/17: Posted "Reflections on Romans" on 'Publications' page

4/27/17: Posted "Reflections on Luke" in the Publications page

1/28/17: Posted Imago Dei Sermon notes for Week 4 in "Archives"

1/22/17:  Posted Imago Dei Sermon notes for week 3 in "Archives"

1/16/17: Posted Imago Dei Sermon Notes for Weeks 1 and 2 in "Archives"

12/9/16: Posted "Reflections on Joel" in Publications

12/9/16: Posted an updated "Reflections on Ephesians"

11/15/16: Added Ecclesiastes and James to "Reflections Series" in Publications.

10/18/16: New versions of Hebrews and John added to "Reflections" series.

8/30/16: Posted "Reflections on Jude" in Publications

8/25/16: Added "Reflections on Philippians" in Publications page.

2/17/15: Posted "Reflections on Hebrews" in Publications

1/19/15: Uploaded Spiritual Gifts class handout and "Your Spiritual Gifts Revealed" in Publications.

1/14/15: Added "Reflections on Ruth in Publications

11/6/14: Added "Reflections on John" in Publications

10/13/14: Reflections on Ephesians posted in "Publications"

8/26/14: Loaded Podcast for 8/27

8/17/14: Posted podcast for 8/18

8/11/14: Added today's podcast

8/4/14: Added weekly podcast for today!

7/28/14: Added podcast for 7/28

7.21.14: Posted Weekly Podcast for 7/21 in podcasts

7/19/14: Posted Forgiveness podcast for week 3

7/14/14: Added podcast for 7/14

6/21/14: Posted Forgiveness Class podcast for week 2

6/21/14: Added Life Project podcast for 6/23

6/15/14: Posted Life Project podcast for 6/16

6/14/14: Added Forgiveness podcast for week 1... in "podcasts"

6/9/14 Posted the first Life Project "Weekly Podcast" in podcasts

6/4/14: Added "Reflections on Galatians to Publications page, 4th in the series

6/4/14: Posted "Forgiveness Bible Study" in Archives

5/27/14: Posted "Reflections on 1 and 2 Peter" the third in the Reflections series!

5/13/14: Posted "Reflections on 1,2 and 3 John" second in the Reflections series on Publications page.

5/7/14: Posted "Reflections on Colossians" first in the "Reflections" series adapted from The Life Project. It is located in the new "Publicans" page.

4/22/14: Added Gospel of John Class Notes to Archives

4/21/14: Today I begin to rebuild this site. Not sure what the result will be, but we'll see... New theme in place, several pages deleted and new "Archives" page added.

11/4/13  Posted Olivet Discourse Complete in Other Resources

3/29/13 Posted Spring Small Group guide

9/18/12  Posted Class Notes for Aug. 19

8/13/12: Posted Class Notes for Aug. 12

8/2/12: Added Class Notes for Aug 5

7/27/12  Updated Current Class Notes through July 29

6/29/12 Posted Class Notes for June 24 and July 1

6/19/12: Posted class notes from June 17

6/6/12: Brought John Notes up to date through June 10.

1/2/11:  Posted notes for first three classes on Book of John

10/4/11: Posted complete set of Hebrews notes in Recent Class Notes

8/21/11: Added class notes for Hebrews 13

8/21/11:  Added today's notes from Hebrews

8/15/11: Posted Hebrews class notes through August 14 (a tad late, sorry!)

6/22/11: Posted complete set of class notes for 1Corinthians part 2 in recent class notes

6/22/11: Posted Hebrews notes for 6/12 and 6/19

5/22/11: Posted class notes for MCC and final set for Bible "U"

5/15/11: Added class notes for MCC and Bible "U"

5/10/11: Posted MCC notes for 5/8

4/29/11: Posted complete set of class notes for "I Am" Statements of Jesus on Recent Class Notes page

4/26/11: Added class noted for May 1

4/24/11: The case for the Resurrection of Christ; download here

4/18/11: Posred yesterday's Class Notes for MCC and Bible "U"

4/7/11: Added class notes for April 10 classes

4/1/11: Posted Class Notes for April 3rd

3/27/11: Added today's class notes

3/18/11: The Life Project: Updated and added "Why The Life Project" Check it out!

3/17/11: Added class notes for MCC and Bible "U" and Syllabus for 1 Corinthians part 2

3/16/11: Complete set of class notes for 1Peter and ICorinthians, part 1 available in recent class notes

3/11/11: Added Final for 1Corinthians Part 1 and MCC class notes for 3/13; new class... The "I Am" Statements of Jesus

3/6/11: Added today's notes for MCC and Bible "U"

2/26/11: Added tomorrow's Class Notes

2/20/11: Added today's MCC and Bible "U" class nots

2/11/11: Added class notes for Feb. 13

2/3/11:  Posted MCC Class Notes for Feb. 6 and Bible "U" Midterm

1/30/11: Added today's class notes

1/21/11: Added Class Notes for Jan. 23

1/20/11: small group study guide from MCC added to other resources page

1/14/11: Posted class notes for the 16th

1/9/11: Added Class Notes for MCC and Bible "U"

12/28/10: Syllabus for 1Corinthians part 1 added in Class Notes

12/1/10: Posted archived class notes for Messianic Prophecy and Romans in Recent Class Notes

11/11/10: Posted notes for Romans 12 and 13. Also posted MCC Messianic Prophecy Notes for Nov. 14

11/7/10: Added today's class notes

10/24/10:  Added today's class notes

10/17/10: Added class notes for MCC and Bible "U"

10/10/10: Updated class notes for MCC and Bible "U"

10/3/10: Updated class notes for MCC and Bible "U"

9/30/10: The Life Project: Added the final 2 sections of Chapter 1

9/23/10: Added class notes for MCC and Bible "U" classes on 9?26

p/19/10: Added this week's class notes for MCC and Bible "U"

9/19/10: The Life Project: Posted the next 2 sections of chapter 1.

9/12/10:  Added this week's class notes for MCC and Bible "U"

9/12/10:  The Life Project: Posted a sample from section 1 draft: "God Created Man for a Purpose"  Enjoy!

9/1/10: The Life Project; Added Chapter Outline for the book, check it out!

8/20/10: Bible "U" Syllabus for Romans posted in Class Notes

8/12/10:  Recent Class notes posted for Colossians, Philippians and Antichrist Workshop. Oter Resources posted Introduction to Covenant

8/12/10: First Day on the Web!




The things you will find here are all intended to help you walk through life with Jesus Christ. 

As time goes on, you will see many additions, from class notes from classes that Don is teaching, to articles about faith, life and God's Word, and eventually you will even find draft chapters of books that he is working on. 

The Life Project

This is my blog, and you are invited to drop by any time.

Join us on a journey through life following Jesus Christ. Our journey of life is an adventure of discovery that is both exciting and challenging. It is a discovery of clear and simple faith that comes from the a clear and simple understanding of the Word of God.

No, we aren't perfect, we are works in progress. There's no judging, no guilt and no condemnation here, just perspectives on life and truth as we work on our Project to become a little more like Him every day.

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