Don Merritt online

About Don

Don Merritt (that’s me) is just a regular guy who has had a half-century of living life.  I’ve had experiences that are quite normal and typical… and some that are less common. I’ve been busy for a long time in activities that range from politics to writing to running a business to teaching Seminary… and to being a husband and father.

I am finished ghost-writing for others and writing the things from a purely technical point of view; it’s my turn to write about the things that are really important in life: God, hope, faith, understanding and encouragement for others.  It’s my hope to do so in a way that you will find interesting, unusual and non-threatening… and at the same time challenging.

In the final analysis, I hope that what you find here will be encouraging and give hope and insight that will enrich your journey through life.

Current Projects

 The current project is the rebuilding of this site!  No idea what the result will be, but I hope to make it an important part of my blog, The Life Project...

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